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Social Media Stats…What Should You Be Checking?

There was a time not so long ago that it was only really the number of followers you had on social media that concerned people. Certainly reaching the elusive 10k on Instagram was a mark of success but that is great as a vanity metric but not a lot else. So what should you be… Continue reading Social Media Stats…What Should You Be Checking?

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Make Your Instagram Posts Count

There are lots of things you can do to make sure you create an Instagram feed that attracts people. The first thing to remember is why you want followers and likes, more often than not it's a vanity metric. It's only when you start looking at engagement and creating a place that a community thrives… Continue reading Make Your Instagram Posts Count

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Five Ways Canva Helps Your Business

Right! Bare with me please...your eye has probably been drawn to my amazing graphics (I know right) and you can't concentrate properly now! If you are thinking it is a bit of a miss match of'd be right. But I wanted to illustrate that you can do pretty much what you want on… Continue reading Five Ways Canva Helps Your Business

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Five Top Tips on Facebook Challenges

If you've been on Facebook recently then you won't have missed a post offering a five day challenge to you. There is a challenge for everything you could possibly need or want. From mindset to money and every thing in between, so it could get you thinking about setting up your own. I've written some… Continue reading Five Top Tips on Facebook Challenges

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Finding Your People…Online Communities

You can call them what you want...your tribe, your community, your peeps or even give them a special group name (think Lady Gaga and call them all Little Monsters). Whatever you call them, at the moment they are all the rage and you are told you need to connect with them. But that is sometimes… Continue reading Finding Your People…Online Communities

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Micro Business Clinic

Have you just started out or need some help refreshing your current social media and blogging game? Falling a bit out of love with your micro business but not sure where to go with it? Desperately wondering where everyone is and what you can do to attract them? Running a small business is a never… Continue reading Micro Business Clinic

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Marketing a Small Business

I'm in a few Facebook groups for small businesses and a common theme people have is needing 'marketing' help. This ranges from wanting someone to schedule posts all the way to a social media manager who will get the strategy set up for them. However as a small business you may not want to pay… Continue reading Marketing a Small Business

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Three Quick Organising Tips

We all know what it's like, back to work and feeling overwhelmed. It's easy to have big dreams and ideas and then hit a stumbling block when it comes to getting things done. I want to share with you three quick organising tips that will help you get started the right way. So to keep… Continue reading Three Quick Organising Tips

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Getting Your Social Media Sorted

It's that time of year again, where we all sit down and set our goals for the new year. Social media often crops up as 'get it sorted' or 'post regularly' but we all know when you get busy this is the first thing to drift. I've put together some printables for you to be… Continue reading Getting Your Social Media Sorted