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Planning and Procedures – How to get yours up to date

When looking into how your processes and procedures work there are some key questions you need to ask yourself. These might seem really simple but they are the most effective questions to use and will help you streamline your small business today.

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Three things to check in your small business

Three things you should be checking in your small business today... Running a small business can be the most exciting thing but it can also leave you feeling pretty exhausted. By putting just these three key things in place you will be able to make sure your business is always going in the right direction. Let me share with you my top three tips to help you which I’ve collated from working with many clients over the years.

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Five Things Every Small Business Should Have

Working with lots of different types of business owners across a variety of industries, I've seen a bit of everything in the way people run their companies. From very small one man band deals, all the way to six figure earners who employ a team around them. There are things that all these businesses need… Continue reading Five Things Every Small Business Should Have

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Reduce the Inbox Clutter

I have to go through lots of different clients in boxes to clear them and I thought it might be useful to give you three quick strategies if you’re getting overwhelmed with your inbox. Now myself I like to keep five emails in my inbox at most – I get twitchy if there are any… Continue reading Reduce the Inbox Clutter

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10 Ways To Get Your Business Sorted

Well this is going to be a long one so buckle up and also it mostly applies to a UK audience but lots of the set up steps can translate into any business arena. I was asked to write a list of things to think about when you are setting up a business. These are… Continue reading 10 Ways To Get Your Business Sorted

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Stay in Your Own Business Lane

There comes a time in every business owners journey where they may not be soaring as high that they look around and think......"Should I be doing what they are doing?" or "How come they have more XXXX (insert followers/sales/likes/press coverage/reach...the list can go on) than me?" It's so easy not to stay in your own… Continue reading Stay in Your Own Business Lane

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Re-purposing Content for Small Businesses

You've created an awesome piece of material for an Instagram took you ages and you are very proud. You let it go off into the world and watch as people like and share it and you feel great and then you go and make a cup of coffee to congratulate yourself....The End! That wonderfully… Continue reading Re-purposing Content for Small Businesses