Virtual Assistant and Online Business Manager

If you need to up your admin game or want to move your business forward then I can help you.

Virtual Assistant

You’ve got some admin you don’t have time to do?

There’s ‘that thing’ you keep putting off?

You need techy help to move your business forward?

I offer three levels of service.

I can help you….simply click the button below for my zones of genius and how we can work together

Strategic Management

Online Business Manager

I work with a handful of clients on a deeper level. We deep dive into your business and I act as your wing woman to push your business forward.

This also involves me proactively streamlining your business and getting you in the optimum position to move forward.

Bite-size Business Management

This is for one-off projects.

So you may just need an hour of my time to map out a launch. Or it could be that you want to set up a funnel but are unsure what to do.

This is if you are doing it yourself but you need to borrow my brain.

Other Ways I Can Help

My Business Visions

I’ve put together some Small Business Affirmation Cards to help you.


Visit my blog for more information on working with a VA and how I can help you.


I’ve got some fantastic options to move you forward….. Coming Soon

What People Say

Karen is literally a fairy godmother! I am blown away by how fast and efficient she is. I seriously still struggle with handing things over, but Karen makes it so easy to do.