repurpose blog posts with vision pa

Three Ways to Re-purpose a Blog Post

So you’ve gone to all the trouble to create a blog post and it’s great content that you want to share. Did you know that from this blog post you can re-purpose the information into many other formats. You do not need to constantly be adding more and more content if you don’t have time. One blog post a week will help your SEO traction and if you re use the content on other channels it will reach even further.

Break it Down

If you blog post has several sub sections or a list then this can be used. Delve deeper into one of them and create a Facebook post, or tell a story on Instagram.

You could create an audio of it and have as a podcast (these are emerging as a 2019 super marketing strategy). Or even do a series of stories on Instagram or Facebook.


repurpose blog posts with vision pa

Create Training

Another thing you could do with that blog post is expand on it and create a course. There are lots of free platforms available such as Teachable. You can put the information into a course content and either have it as a freebie or charge and make some passive income.

This is a great way to get your message to your super client in a different format.


Just because you have created it once it doesn’t mean everyone has seen it. Revisit old blog posts and update them so they are current, then you can republish and also market again. The evergreen content is something you can keep coming back to and either adding to or putting all over your social media platforms.

Social media platforms move so quickly that it’s difficult to stay on top of it and be current. So don’t feel you can’t re use information or put it back out. Chances are that not everyone has seen it the first time around and so sending it again will get it seen by a wider audience.

Work With Me

If you can’t think of what to blog about or how you can re-purpose a blog post, I can help. I’m a great wordsmith and love copy writing so lets have a chat. Or if you need your social media scheduled then this is also a service I offer to my clients. Take a look at my website and see how we can work together.

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