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Engaging Blog Content for Small Businesses

So you’ve got the snazzy website and a great business….you are finding your way around social media platforms ok too. Obviously you are updating your blog regularly….wait what? Oh it’s something you still need to get around to is it!  How about making 2020 the year you start blogging and really make a difference to your website traffic…Now I know what you are going to say next…. “I don’t know what to write…”. Does that sound like you?

Let me help you with that, there are lots of ways to make sure you put out some amazing content that your ideal client just has to read. Here are my top tips on engaging blog content.

Make a list

What have you been asked a lot in your business? Is there anything that stands out as being a frequently asked question? It’s great to write about things you want to write about but these aren’t always what your audience needs. So take notice of what they want from you and then it makes it easier to deliver. It can be top tips you’ve got for how people can work with you or a tutorial on using a certain product or service. Anything that people will search for and need help with are great starting points.

Not too long

Engaging blog content doesn’t have to be a long essay on how you’ve done something. There is a place for a large cornerstone article on your website but week to week you don’t need to write war and peace every time. The best type of content is around 300 – 800 words maximum. We just don’t have time to read long blog posts all the time. So try and edit them down if they get too long so you can keep your readers attention.

Schedule some time

Even as someone who writes blog posts regularly, I have to be in a creative mood to sit and write. So do not force it as you’ll end up sounding stuffy and formal. Do set some time aside to sit and think about what to write but if it’s not happening then move on. If you make notes (or a list as above) each week you may find you’ll have some material to work with. I also make notes in my phone at random times such as waiting for my kids to come out of school or before going to be. Then it’s easier to expand on them when you are in flow with it all.

It also then makes it easier to upload a couple of blog posts for a few weeks onto your platform in one go. This way it doesn’t feel like a great deal of effort to do.

engaging blog contentUse Images

You may have produced some engaging blog content but without images then people may not read it. We are all very visually based these days and a large amount of text without being broken up is hard to read. The images you pick need to be either your own or royalty free…do not use images you’ve lifted from Google or the like. This is not good and could result in you getting a hefty fine…you will be found…eventually.

In the same way as images, headings and sub headings are a great way to break it up. You want to make this an enjoyable process for your customers so look at it from that point of view. Would you read it and does it need breaking up a bit?

Keywords and SEO

We all use keywords when we are looking in search engines – so lots of ‘How do I…’ ‘using x to y’ and you want to help search engines show this content to your audience. This is where keywords come in – make sure you are using them around 10% in your blog posts. My keyword for this blog post is ‘engaging blog content’ and I’ve weaved it into the text, put it as the image alt and even made it a heading. The trick is to make sure it’s natural and that it works within your content but it does need to be there.

Shout about it

You’ve got your lovely shiny blog post out there and you eagerly check your analytics. Where is everybody? The first rule of blogging is that you need to tell people about it. So schedule some social media posts, guide people to it. Have a link to your blog posts on your email signature…keep reminding people. Direct potential customers to it so that your blog becomes the place to be.

Once you are seen as an expert in your field more people will seek you out. Making sure your blog is up to date is essential and also listening to what people want to know about.

Engaging Blog Content for Small Businesses

The most important thing is to be yourself and write to your audience where ever you can. This will make the most engaging blog content possible because if they need to know, they will come. But if you are still struggling with blog content then why not check out my visibility challenge that is happening in January 2020. Here is a link to the sign up page and I’d love to have you along for the ride. Over three days we will delve into how you can get visible online.

Or if you would like help then visit where I can either help you write your content or can do it for you….

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