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How to Get Clients Excited About Your Newsletter

Lets be honest for a moment, we all start off strong don’t we! A new year usually brings a big burst of energy and I for one notice a steep increase in clients going great guns. We often have the goal of creating a mailing list or reaching out to our clients in new ways. Then we feverishly start sending newsletter weekly only to get to about March and either no one is opening them or we can’t be bothered to write them any more. Does that sound familiar? Well I’ve put together some top tips on how to get clients excited about your newsletter (and actually opening them!).

Know Your Audience

So this is probably the simplest and easiest way to get your newsletter opened and actioned. But it’s also the step that most people miss out on. We end up writing a newsletter we want to send rather than a newsletter that our audience want to open. It’s a fine balance between writing what you want them to know and finding what they actually want to read. So always think about keeping it relevant. At the end of the email give your audience an actionable step – we all like (and often need) to be told what to do. It can be as simple as ‘read this to find out more’ or ‘book your appointment today’ or even ‘reply with any new suggestions you have’…but make sure you always give them something to do (it’s called a ‘Call to Action’).

Keep it Succinct

Gone are the days of the round robin newsletter and no-one now has time to read the equivalent of War and Peace in an email. With our lives being so busy and frantic and people not having time to read every email, yours will be passed over if it is too long or too boring. You can always share a link to further reading or another blog post that will help but you don’t have to give them everything in one email. I’d also like to point out here that your structure needs to be pleasing on the eye. The whole email needs to flow easily and have a start, main body and conclusion…a bit like a book. Make it easy to read and people will read it.

Titles Matter

As well as making sure you are telling your audience what they need or want to know, you need to reel them in. Catchy titles work but make them relevant as there is nothing worse than opening an email with a title such as ‘I know your cousin Bob…’ to find it filled with how you can sell me a vacuum cleaner and the attachments to boot! It’s just not cricket and feels like a con which puts us on edge from the start. So by all means make sure you are catching your customers eye but make it relevant, sufficient and exciting.

Be Consistent

It’s become a modern phenomena that when you are in selling mode you have to bombard your audience with emails up until ‘Cart Closed’. But if you sell smartly and give your audience exactly what they need they are more likely to buy from your earlier in the game because they know you. Emails can warm up a cold audience, create authority and help people get to know you. So you need to be consistent – don’t wait until you have something you want to sell to then email like never before. A regular drip feed each week or month will work just as well. Let’s be honest, most of us delete the constant stream over a number of days of a company that doesn’t let up and send five emails in one day (Cart open, 10 hours to go, five hours to go, this is your last warning, cart closed…..) it’s simple too much and we are all busy people. Put yourself a schedule together (this can be a brief outline) of what you want to say each month or biweekly and points you’d like to make. This makes it easier to get down to the actual writing as you aren’t just trying to pluck up something out of thin air when you are under pressure.

Tell People About Your Newsletter

If you want people to sign up for your newsletter in the first place you need to tell them. Having a link on your social media and website are a must but these days you need to also entice people in. Make it worth their while too – so giving them something in return for signing up to your all important musings. This could be a simple pdf, guide or advice just to get them started (often called a ‘Lead Magnet’). Then it’s a case of regularly reminding people you have this offer for them, talking about it, suggesting they sign up. You can also put a link in your email signature. People won’t sign up unless they know about it, you have something relevant for them to see and they are potentially interested in what you do.

Need Some Help?

Ok so being transparent…this is my ‘call to action’ that we talked about earlier. If you need more help or advice about setting up your email list, drafting newsletters or general admin then do pop me over an email. I’ve also got lots of other blog posts that can help you with your small business admin. Or follow me on Instagram for more insights.

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