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Small Business Refresh

As we get ever closer to Christmas it is a great time to look forward to January. If this is a quiet period in your small business, then it’s a great time for a refresh. Make sure you start the new year streamlined and ready to go. I’ve put together some quick ways to give your small business a refresh in some key areas.

small business refresh in the new year. Hints and tips


Look through your website for the angle of your super customers.

  • What are they looking for and can they find it?
  • Are your contact details easily sourced and all links working?
  • All pictures up to date and on brand?

It’s easy to set up your brand colours and ‘on brand’ images in Canva which you can store up and use when you need them. This 15 minute job whilst you are quiet will help you stay ahead when scheduling.

Having all links that work on a website are a must. People have less time these days and want information at the touch of a button, if you don’t have this they will go elsewhere.


  • Do you have a mailing list set up?
  • How does the back office of your mailchimp look?
  • Have you got a plan for the next three months?

If you don’t have a mailing list then the new year is a good time to get one set up. Mailchimp is a great (& free) resource where you can easily set up a subscription box. If you already have a mailing list then you should make sure that it’s all working properly. Clean up messy lists and streamline the whole process.

Do you have a plan on what newsletters you could send out? Are there certain events that are critical to your business or that you can incorporate into your message. It’s great to be able to send people to your mailing list and send them regular updates or offers.

Social Media

  • What is working and what isn’t?
  • Are you getting referrals from the different platforms?
  • Is all your social media cohesive and on brand?

You need to be monitoring figures and if the platforms you are on are helping your business. If they aren’t then think about how much time you are wasting on them. It’s great to think how you can mix this up and get it working for you.

Make sure your message is ‘on brand’ and working for you. Think about if someone picked up their phone and looked at a post of yours, would they instantly know it was your business?

Inbox & Diary

  • Do you need to unsubscribe from emails you no longer read?
  • Are you clear on how many times to ‘touch’ an email?
  • Set times to open and deal with emails during your day?

These two areas cause the most stress on small business owners. Keeping on top of a bulging inbox is a huge task sometimes and if you set up some rules and structure it helps. I recommend a two touch system with emails where you open it and scan read it, then think whether it needs immediate action, delete or moved to ‘read’ for information.

Setting up folders with clear names and moving an email as soon as you open it, it will help. Wading through lots of emails to find that one important one is hard and time consuming. Labelling emails or allocating a colour to them is also two great ways to manage them. It will free up time and effort. Give yourself a time limit and only open emails at set times.

Vision PA Services

If you would like more information on any of these tasks or you want me to take them over for you. Please call or email me. I’d love to help you get organised and be able to get on with running your business.

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