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Make Your Instagram Posts Count

There are lots of things you can do to make sure you create an Instagram feed that attracts people. The first thing to remember is why you want followers and likes, more often than not it’s a vanity metric. It’s only when you start looking at engagement and creating a place that a community thrives and gives back to you.

So as well as making sure your hashtags are the right ones for your audience, commenting and responding to comments there are a few other things you can do.

I’ve put some notes together on a few other factors you need to think about when putting together a brilliant Instagram post or feed.

Make Your Instagram Posts Count

Make your Pictures fabulous

Don’t use stock photos as we are all over that trend. Make it social and relevant to you and your business. We want to see inside your mind, that’s why we follow…not to see generic photos of a flatlay. You have no excuse – all mobiles have good cameras and we get lots of natural light.
Relate it to what you are doing, make sure you are not just posting for the sake of it. Curate your message behind the picture, lure people in with your captions.

Ask me a question

Don’t just dump and run…please! Give your caption a bit of attention. Make it a compelling read. Use objects that mean something…so for instance using a picture of your hot coffee and a cupcake (that you made) now tell me about what got you to this point, or a valuable nugget of information about the first time you made cupcakes in your grandmas kitchen. Do you get me? Bring some of your personality into it and make it your own.
By involving your audience you are making yourself more approachable, helping them to realise they have some input and generally being a nice human. We all want to share our knowledge and most of us love giving an opinion…that’s what we mostly love about Instagram. It’s not just pretty pictures (even less so now), it’s about the story behind the picture.

It’s not all about the likes

Instead of asking for a reaction (give me a like if… ) put your heart and soul in it.
If you make jewellery and your new piece is a wishbone… tell me why you’ve made it and what it symbolises for you. I need your inspiration and the benefits to me. So give me reasons to love it or I might scroll on by!
If you make luxury brownies…tell me how the oozing rich chocolate will melt on my tongue and how it goes well with a steaming mug of Brazilian ground coffee on a chilly Sunday afternoon.
We need to know the benefits to US. Not just what you want to tell us but how it will make us feel to be involved.
…think about it…if someone you vaguely knew ran up to you in Tesco and said ‘look at this photo of my dog wearing a new collar…do you like it?’ you may say yes the first time but if they did it every single day, you’d get a bit annoyed, avoid them and finally walk on by.
So don’t be that person on Instagram!

Tell me what to do

Ok I’ve said don’t just pounce on me but also if you have a great new collaboration or event tell me. Then ask me something…a call to action is appreciated. If you’ve got biscuits to sell…ask me my favourite flavour, what I’d like to see next or how I can help. Then I’m more likely to comment. But if you don’t try to start a conversation then I probably won’t either. Engage with me please… I always question anyone who wants to grow their community by asking them if they engage with their ideal client.
Often people expect to grow without putting in the hours – if you don’t try and create a community, how do you expect others to include you in theirs!

It’s a Social Network

I hope the above help you to think about what else you could add to your Instagram account. Just remember though that you shouldn’t get yourself tied up in knots of getting it exactly right. Put yourself in their shoes and think about what you like to see and try and do that yourself.

It’s meant to be fun and sociable so use it that way and you’ll get so much more out of it. If you need more help then come over and follow me on Instagram. Of if you’d like to work with me then I’d love to hear from you so please do drop me an email.


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