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Social Media Stats…What Should You Be Checking?

There was a time not so long ago that it was only really the number of followers you had on social media that concerned people. Certainly reaching the elusive 10k on Instagram was a mark of success but that is great as a vanity metric but not a lot else. So what should you be checking when it comes to Social Media Stats?

Well first off lets take each platform separately because they are indeed different beasts. What works for Instagram and Twitter isn’t necessarily the same as Instagram or LinkedIn. Once of the biggest considerations when using a platform is whether you are converting followers or likes into actual sales.

Let’s take two of my favourites (& my clients) today – Instagram and Facebook.


Well this is a firm favourite with influencers and bloggers alike – Instagram is the place to create a community and direct sell to your niche. It can be a warm and fuzzy visual corner of the internet which is image based.

With an Instagram business account you will have access to ‘Insights’ tab that has all the relevant information. Here you’ll find the reach, Impressions, Interactions and Profile visits.

The ‘Content’ tab shows you visually how many eyes were on your content in the grid format. So you’ll see the most seen posts – which you can analyse further – was it the hashtags you used? Or the time you posted? It could be the type of content you are putting out there…

Activity – Now concentrating only on followers doesn’t always help show the whole picture. What you need to see is the impressions and interactions. It will help you see what people do next when they engage with your account.

High profile visits are good – it shows that after scrolling onto your image, someone has then taken the time to go check out your profile. Where hopefully you’ll have a direct link to your website or sales page.

Under the ‘Audience’ tab if you scroll to the bottom it shows you when your audience are most active. Normally it would be break times for most of us and evenings. So to build on this it could be an idea to post when your audience is most active. Then they are getting fresh content and the more interactions you get when the content is at its freshest shows the algorithms that it’s valuable content and will be shared more widely.


Facebook algorithms have been blamed for all manor of things over the years. So it’s no surprise that people don’t feel as comfortable as they once did on this platform. But you can really get lots out of the ‘Page Insights’ page. So again I’d say the most important metric is the engagement. It’s lovely to have lots of followers or likes and yes the more potential eyes on the prize is good but if people aren’t engaging with your posts then the rest of your audience won’t see it.

So you see how concentrating on post reach and engagement is important. Checking every month at the least will give you a good overall view of your business marketing success. You can look at the most engaging posts and see what worked and what didn’t. Did people click on the links you provided? Did they share the content with anyone else?

So Forget About the Likes & Follows?

Well no, hold on a moment, lets not be hasty as although I don’t think they are the most important – they are still important. If you account isn’t growing (or worse you are losing followers) then you need to analyse that. Are you giving your audience what they want and need?

This could be remedied in a number of ways – from updating your hashtags and using relevant onces (so for Instagram the current advise is to use all 30, Twitter is to use two at the most and Facebook they are just starting to emerge so I often use two to four).

Are you putting up images and captions that are eye catching for your audience? You also need to be putting in a call to action or else what’s the point. None of us have much time so it’s important to cut to the chase and tell people what you want them to do.

Next Steps

If you aren’t sure what to do next here are a few ideas – for the next couple of months track some of the anayltics above and see how they change. You’ll start to get a pattern emerging of what to do and what works. Then it’s all about tweaking your content to offer more of it to your audience.

Lots of scheduling tools are set up to track analytics for you which is a real help. But a simple spreadsheet works just as well really. Just update the same stats regularly to help you get the most out of it.

Not sure what to do then I’d love to help so please do give me a call and see how we can work together.

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