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Marketing a Small Business

I’m in a few Facebook groups for small businesses and a common theme people have is needing ‘marketing’ help. This ranges from wanting someone to schedule posts all the way to a social media manager who will get the strategy set up for them.

However as a small business you may not want to pay for this service just yet (or can’t afford it) but there are some little tweaks you can make yourself. I’ve put a few tips below:

Business Blog

I know I mention it all the time if you follow me…but if you don’t…you should blog! It’s a great way to get your business out in the open and get those all important SEO (search engine optimisation) words in. This is great for search engines to recommend you to others. It doesn’t have to be war and peace but a blog post every couple of weeks or at least once a month will help.

You will be able to build up some evergreen content this way, information that won’t get old and can be reused time and time again. Then you can share with your other platforms monthly…job done! Or look for other businesses that compliment yours where you can guest blog.

Also getting your business on the google local business site is another fab way to get yourself recommended.

Scheduling Tool

There are so many great scheduling tools (& Facebook has it’s own inbuilt one) so there is no excuse. Yes you are busy but putting aside 10 minutes once a week is good enough. There are free tools like Hootsuite which allows you to schedule 30 free posts at a time. Sit down and collate all the things you want to say in a week and then schedule them and sit back.

Go in once or twice a day to the platform you are using and comment and reply to messages and this will save you time and energy. It’s also a great way of keeping tabs on what you’ve posted before and you can also use things you used before (evergreen content).


You may have a love/hate relationship with Facebook and as a small business it’s hard…unless you pay! Then its marginally better unless you know what you are doing with targeted ads etc. Staying relevant and seen takes some work and as will become a common thread…video is life on Facebook. They push this content out and want to create a more community feel.

Video features are now improving and you can have watch parties and schedule videos for future release. The trick is to find your tribe and keep them engaged as much as possible. So making content relevant to their pain points and understanding what they want need to see.

Join groups that can help you network and meet others,


Insta is fast becoming the place to be, well who am I kidding…it’s been like that from the start. But people are now moving away from it just being an artistic image dropping site. Captions are taking over fast and people are wanting to engage with more than just an image. It’s also not so much about carefully crafted images anymore, we are all crying out for some authenticity and real life in there too.  So below are some ways you can make Instagram work for you

Hashtags – Make them work for you

Great so you’ve got your Instagram account going and you are putting up content that is relevant to your audience. Remember this isn’t the end of the story as their is so much noise out there that your content can get buried really quickly. The whole purpose of Instagram is to build a community and engage with others. So if you don’t follow many people then you should look within your niche and follow some. Also the hashtags you use on your post….do you ever go into them and like and comment on others pictures?

You should be doing this and building a community around yourself and getting involved. Nobody likes the person who just dumps and runs and there is no reason to be that person. Get active and involved and whatever you do…please don’t use bots as they don’t always hit the mark and people can tell you aren’t being authentic.

Use Stories

You may have a carefully crafted Instagram feed with on brand images and captions but that’s not the end of it! A (still) growing trend is video content – lets face it, we are all a bit nosey when it comes down to it! So people also want to know what’s going on behind the scenes and to get a feel for the person behind the business (remember the know, like and trust elements). So using stories is a great way to get in front of your audience as both Facebook and Instagram love video content and will push that further for you. It’s also a way of warming up your audience and getting the trust in place too. So if you don’t do it, now is a great time.


So taking it offline for a moment – whether you like this or not, networking is a useful tool to market your business. Sometimes going to events is a great way to meet people who you can help or can help you. Or put yourself forward as an expert in your field and take on speaking engagements. These all get your business seen more.

Whatever you decide to do there are lots of ways to move your business forward. Start small, pick one and go with it as the main thing you need to be is consistent. If you need any help…give me a shout.

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